No "stereo mix" option using Turtle Beach Riviera

We both are using Win7 Home Premium, but I can record computer audio selecting the “Stereo Mix” option. My cousin’s computer has the same soundcard, BUT, “stereo mix” is not in the list of options. Putting a stereo Y cord in the speaker output, and using a stereo to stereo cord plugged back into the sound card results in Audacity only recording to one channel. ANY SYGGESTIONS?

If you have a Mic-In on your laptop, you may be stuck with mono as well as overload and distortion. The loopback cable trick only works if you have a real Stereo Line-In.


Sometimes Stereo Mix is avaliable, but “hidden” or disabled. [u]This page[/u] may help you enable it.

[u]This page[/u] has some information about enabling stereo recording (if your hardware supports it). But Koz is correct. You should be feeding line-out (or headphone/speaker-out) into a line-input, not into a microphone input.

[u]This page[/u] lists some alternative software. I don’t own Total Recorder ($18 USD and up), but it’s my understanding that it has a special virtual driver (or virtual soundcard) for capturing streaming audio, and it has a good reputation.