No split option in edit

Hello Im trying to learn about audiacity and I dont have a split option in edit
in the tutorial it says the hot key is ctrl+Y but this isnt split its the opposite of ctrl z
I have duplicate though how can i split?

Are you looking at one of the tutorials on the Audacity web site? If so, please post a link so that it can be corrected.

The shortcut for “Split” is Ctrl + I (letter “i”)

You will also find it in the “Edit menu > Clip Boundaries”

You may also find this section of the manual useful:

If you have followed some instructions that stated that Edit > Split was an option, those instructions relate to the obsolete versions of Audacity. Edit > Remove Audio is where you find Split (and others) in Audacity v2.0.x releases.

Thanks for your replys, I’ll check out the link you gave me
This is where I was learning from

That’s the old Audacity 1.2 manual.
The current manual will be available in the Audacity Help menu if you have the recommended Windows installation version, or alternatively it is available on-line here: