No speakers

I am running my speakers out of my monitor/t.v,I have tried many things ,but audacity cannot seem to find my sound?
Do I have to have external speakers :question:
I am using Windows 7 and Audacity2.0 & .exe installer
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Are you trying to play sounds from Audacity, or record the sound going to your speakers?

I assume you can hear sound from other applications, such as Windows Media Player?

How is the computer-sound connected to the monitor? Line-out on your soundcard, HDMI?

I am trying to record sound coming out of the speakers on my monitor/t,v,it’s connected with quite a substantial plug,with the screws on.

You’ll have to connect the speakers to an audio input on your computer then set Audacity to record from that input. See Missing features - Audacity Support for how to show and enable all your audio inputs in Windows.

Obviously if it is an emergency to record something you can record the speakers with low fidelity by putting a microphone by the speakers.


Am I wrong in assuming that speakers are connected to an audio output (that is sound coming out of the computer) and not input (sound going into the computer)?
Correct me if I am wrong.

So I must have a separate wire going to the monitor,this monitor plug is not good enough

As long as you can hear sound coming out of your speakers, you should be able to record it in Audacity through “WASAPI” as “Audio Host”, and your speakers acting as “Input Device” and “Output Device” concurrently. Use the Audacity “Device Toolbar” to make appropriate selections.

My understanding was that caffeinated is trying to record the sound coming from a TV that is connected to external speakers, and has not got so far as to connect the external speakers or the TV to the computer yet.


you understand wrong :wink: ,
my computer is connected to my monitor/t.v flat screen which has built in speakers,but Audacity does not seem to pick up the sound,so I will be attempting Robert2’s suggestion :slight_smile:

OK, but you still have to decide which output that is on the computer that your TV monitor is connected to. I’m not sure if you can already hear sounds coming from the computer on the monitor, but in case you can’t see the output in Audacity you may have to follow Missing features - Audacity Support to enable that output in Windows then restart Audacity before Audacity will see it.


O.K ,
I will try your suggestion too and get back…thanks

I added speakers,I had to.
As I have intermittancy when I change pages,is it possible to ,after recording erase all those blanks spots? :smiley:

Can you describe more exactly what you did and where you connected speakers? You mean you had to use different speakers to record computer playback, instead of using the TV speakers?

What do you mean by “change pages”? Are you reading or dictating what you are trying to record?

What output and input are you recording from (the first three boxes in Device Toolbar ) ?

Dropouts in the recording have lots of possible causes, but basically, the computer cannot keep up. Are you using 44100 Hz project rate bottom left of Audacity?


that’s correct

You mean it’s correct that you used different speakers to record from or it’s correct you are using 44100 Hz project rate?

You can use Effect > Truncate Silence… to remove audible silences but that is not really a “solution” if the problem is dropouts in the recording. If you would like more help, please say what input device you are recording from in Device Toolbar and more about the “pages” problem.


it’s correct that you used different speakers to record from.
The drop outs stem from my computer when I change pages on windows 7 using chrome,I have beeen on other forums trying to sort that out,but have given up.
I thought I once saw on Audacity “fill in gaps” or something like that?

It is very difficult to help unless you say exactly what you are tying to do. Are you recording audio playing in multiple different tabs in Chrome? Do the dropouts occur when you click to give focus to another tab?

Have you tried doing that in another browser? Is it any better?

There is Truncate Silence, as I said.

There is Repair, which will fill in the silence with what it thinks should be the correct audio from either side of the selection, but you can only use it on very small selections.

If you are using Audacity in other than English, please say what language you are using then we can tell you what Truncate Silence or Repair is called in that language.


It’s English.
Thanks gale :smiley:

For some reason,it is now recording through my monitor,after,i did my recording and disconnected my speakers :smiley:

If you plug-in external speakers, they may become default Windows playback device while plugged in.