No sound

I installed my USB turntable to my computer and recorded but the sound is not coming through the computer speakers.

USB devices have a habit of hijacking the entire sound – output as well as input – and they don’t tend to have loudspeakers (hence “no sound”).

What you need to do is to direct the Windows sound output to your computer’s soundcard (In Windows this is: Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio>Sound Playback) - and make this setting to the computer’s soundcard.

You may also need to ensure that Audacity sends it output to the computer’s soundcard (In Widows: Edit>Preferences>Audio>Playback) - and set this also to your computer’s soundcard. You may need to stop and restart Audacity for this setting to take effect.

And please in future if you post - please start your thread in the section which is appropriate for your version of Audacity and the platform (MAC/Windows/etc.) that you are working on. This section is for people who don’t like the fonts, colours or the smilies :slight_smile: