No sound....

Good morning… I downloaded Audacity 3.0.0. last night onto my macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 iBook Air and was trying to get it to work with my E373 Yamaha keyboard. I can get the sound of me clicking the keys on the iBook through the speakers on the yamaha but nothing the other way.
I admit I’m hopeless with computers so please excuse me if I don’t explain things clearly, so here are my question…

When playing the music, should the ‘sound waves’ be coming up on the computer screen? At the moment nothing is happening and I can’t even change the line of names…

Core Audio… MacBook Air Microphone… 1 (Mono) RecordingC… MacBook Air Speakers

Thank you for any help you can give me…

How are you connecting the keyboard the the Mac?

Page 50 of the manual says:

Connecting the [USB TO HOST] terminal of this instrument and the computer via a USB cable allows you to do the following.
When Storage Mode (Function 056; page 55) is set to on.
• File transfer (Song, Style, Backup)
When Storage Mode is set to off.
• Performance data communication by MIDI
• Audio data communication by USB

Simply by connecting the instrument and a computer via a USB cable, the instrument is recognized by the computer. > However, a dedicated driver must be installed for audio data communication. For details, refer to “Computer-related Operations” on the web- site (page 8)> .

So I went looking for the “Computer-related Operations” manual at the Yamaha USA web site and couldn’t find it.

The only driver I could find for this keyboard is:

Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.0.4 for Windows 10

No sign of drivers for Mac.

Core Audio… MacBook Air Microphone… 1 (Mono) RecordingC… MacBook Air Speakers

That is the Device toolbar.
Quit Audacity, connect the keyboard to the Mac with a USB cable, turn on the keyboard, start Audacity and see if you can change the “Recording device”.

– Bill

It is not clear that you are even connecting the keyboard via USB to your mac - I wonder for example if you aren’t just recording through your MacBook Air Microphone. Even so, based on what Bill says, it may be possible that what you are trying to do may not currently be possible using Audacity with your E373 Yamaha keyboard on your mac.

Since you are on a mac, you might be better off with garageband rather than Audacity. Look up “how to record a midi keyboard on a macbook air” with your favorite search engine.

I hope this helps. :smiley: