no sound ??

Just got a new Dell desktop with Windows 7. I have an ION turntable. I installed the Audacity software (version1.2.6) and seen there was an updated version (2.0.1) which I installed. I can’t get any sound out of my turntable through the system speakers. The speakers got turned off so I went to Dell and they got my speakers working again. I went back into Audacity to see if it would record and it was flat lined when trying to record and still could get no sound. I’ve read through the FAQ and checked everything there. It looked ok. Can anyone give me some suggestions on where else to check. I’m stumped at this point. Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

I have an ION turntable.

That’s a USB turntable?

Check the [u]Device Toolbar[/u] and make sure the USB device is selected as your Recording device, and make sure your regular speakers/soundcard is selected as your Playback Device.