no sound!?

I have just downloaded latest audacity version 2.2.2. I am using apple iMAC with latest version OS High Sierra 10.13.3.
Independent of which input source I am using (internal microphone or external USB Audio Capture device) and output source (internal speaker or external Bose USB speaker) I can not hear any sound during record or of the saved record despite the fact that I can see that audacity is recording.
Any advice?
Thank you.

To listen while recording, do Transport > Transport Options > Software Playthrough.

To listen to playback, make sure that the playback volume control is turned up.

– Bill

Bill, thank you for your tips. But no difference. Still no sound whatsoever.

When you are recording, are the recording and playback meters moving? When you are playing back, are the playback meters moving?
– Bill

Bill, thank you again…while checking your recommendations…not sure what I did…it works now?!

Thanks Bill … I have not ever used the software for a turntable/computer before and I have much to learn. I can hear my monitor now and it is great.