No Sound

I downloaded Audacity 2.1.2 about a week ago, did some projects with it and was working fine. All of a sudden, today I am not getting any sound when trying to play back a file or any other past projects. I’ve tried several different files, even reloaded the Audacity program, tested the speakers (external speakers connected to computer through the speaker card output) but still no sound. The sound works fine with all other programmes. I can see the playback level reacting when playing a file. Could someone please help as I have some important project files which I need for a show in a week.

I assume you are seeing the waveform in Audacity?

Have you plugged-in a USB audio device? …Windows may have set the “new” device as the default playback device (even if it’s an input-only audio device).

Make sure you’ve selected your regular soundcard/speakers as your [u]playback device[/u] and make sure the playback volume is turned-up.