no sound

I bought the audio technica direct drive turntable and after installing the software and setting up the input and output - I cannot seem to hear anything. I can see the input monitoring - flickering up and down as the record plays but even when I select the “output sound” I can’t hear anything. I have tried to turn up the volume but it doesn’t work.

If you see the red sound meters bouncing and the blue waves building themselves, then you are getting a recording, but you may just not be able to hear it.

It’s normal for older Audacity programs to come with equipment. You should upgrade your Audacity to 2.0.6.


To listen while you are recording, choose the built-in output in Audacity’s Device Toolbar and enable Transport > Software Playthrough.

If you still can’t hear while you’re recording, get LineIn from Rogue Amoeba: Rogue Amoeba | What can we help you find?.