No sound

Windows 7 64bit
Audacity 2.03

Being new to this I’ve only used audacity to record old LPs and burn to CDs.

Now I’m working on a family pictures slideshow with Adobe Photoshop and building a soundtrack for it with Audacity. I’ve had no problem editing music (.wav) from my computer and placing it in the soundtrack. However, I’ve downloaded some sound effects which play in Audacity but will not when the soundtrack is imported into the slideshow. The music does but the sound effects won’t?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions…

I don’t understand exactly what you are doing…

Have you tried playing your soundtrack file in Windows Media Player to confirm it has both music and sound effects?

If you create a WAV soundtrack in Audacity, and that soundtrack is a mix of music and sound effects, there’s no way Photoshop can remove (un-mix) the sound effects from the WAV file.

So, either you are not creating a new “mixed” WAV file or you are importing the wrong WAV file into Photoshop. (Or, I’m not understanding your procedure.)

Thank you for the response sir. I took your advice and tried playing the slideshow.wav file in Windows Media Player. None of the sound effects were heard, so I opened the file in Audacity and discovered they weren’t there!

Then I opened the project file (.aup) and they were. I then tried File>Export and File > Export Selection (after highlighting the whole track). In neither case did the sound effects make it to the slideshow.wav file.

Does it have something to do with “mixing”?

Sorry I’m not up to speed on this program yet.