no sound

I received a copy of Audacity with an order I placed for Super USB Cassette Capture - a recording device which places contents of cassette tapes onto The Audacity software I installed on my computer (Windows 7). I recorded a cassette but cannot get playback. (The software I received was 1.2?, and have since upgraded to 2.2. Does this have anything to do with it? If not, what to do?

Audacity 1.2 is hopelessly out of date and no longer supported – other than to tell you to stop using it. Since you got a working recording, that part of the system appears to be OK. The other thing that Windows probably did in the background was try to send your music back to the turntable instead of letting you hear it. This is an automatic feature of Windows.

Pull down the device selector (speaker symbol) and make sure the system wants to send the music to your speakers or headphones, and not USB-Something-Something. You can do this in Edit > Preferences > Devices, too.

Unless otherwise instructed, Windows assumes USB Sound Devices are bi-directional, which a turntable isn’t.


I am having a similar problem. I have Super USB Cassette Capture. I downloaded the latest version of Audacity. With the USB cassette capture plugged in, I press play and press record in Audacity, but there is no sound and no recording action. I have been reading manuals and FAQs and checking all settings, but seem to be missing something.

I have Windows 7 Professional.


What settings do you have in the Device Toolbar?