no sound

hi everyone,

I have just bought a digitech usb cassette player GE-4054, the device seems to have installed properly and seems to be recording, but when I go into media player to listen to the recording there is no sound, it is telling me there is data, but I cant hear it.
I have checked volume levels on my laptop and reinstalled audacity, but cant seem to find the problem,
some help on the matter would be very apprecited,
Thanks Jason

When you record music in Audacity, the red recording meters dance and a wavy blue line appears on the timeline.

If you don’t get either of those, then you got a recording of silence.

Set up to record and instead of pressing the red record button, click once in the red recording meters. They will wake up and meter the music for as long as you want for testing. You can also make the meters bigger by dragging the right-hand edge of the meters to the right. Highly recommended.

Make sure to start Audacity after you plug in the cassette machine. The machine should appear on the input drop-down from the tool bar. The microphone symbol. Usually something like “USB Audio Device.”