no sound

After re-downloading 2.0.1 I still have no sound. Running an ION TTUSB05 turntable on a new Dell 620 desktop with windows 7. If I scrape my needle brush across my needle the microphone scale does all kinds of jumping. The speaker scale is dead. I contacted ION and they gave me the sheet to make sure my sound is set up properly. Everything is done according to that but still no sound. Any idea why microphone scale is picking up the sound and not the speakers.

My old computer was a Dell 4700 desktop running XP. I was running the same turntable with Audacity 1.2.6 version and was having no problem at all. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, bagger

I know it seems like nothing useful is happening, but the fact that you can record and thumb the needle and get blue waves and bouncing red sound meters means that you could, if you wanted to, make a recording and export it as as a perfectly good music file. The fact that you can’t hear it is incidental to the music file although it drives most people nuts.

Edit > Preferences > Recording > Select [X]Playthrough > OK.

Also make sure that your Audacity is trying to send sound to your speakers. That’s in the device toolbar above the blue waves. The Speaker icon should say whatever your soundcard or speakers are. If it says USB Sound Device, that’s probably wrong. That’s your turntable. If you send sound back to the turntable, nothing is going to happen.