No sound with 3.2.5

I installed Release 3.2.5, and now there is no sound. Sound works with other applications, so problem is within Audacity. I tried running diagnostics and got “Received -9996 while opening devices”.

What computer and operating system are you using?
– Bill

Dell Inspirion 15 laptop Windows 10.

I’m a Mac guy. Hopefully one of the Windows elves will be able to help you out.
– Bill

TomC …I’m having the same problem…

Jademan said to check the slider (little rectangle) in the playback/speaker indicator at top. I moved it up and things are fine.

With audacity open press “CTRL + P” and select devices
What are Host, Playback, and Recording set to ?


Bob, thanks. I thought this was marked resolved. The problem was the “slider” was set low. I never noticed it because the playback appeared to be at high volume.

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