No sound Wierd line LOOKED EVERYWHERE!

I have had issues with audacity and i have been looking everywhere and i am really upset. :angry: my mic works because i skype alot :unamused: please help me :cry: (ps: if you look it isnt flat)

Your image link points to a load of unrelated images so I unparsed the link. If you would like to attach an image or an audio sample, please see here for how to attach files:

Please also see the pink panel at the top of the page. In order to help, we need to know the version of Audacity, version of Windows, make and model number of the mic and how you are connecting it to the computer.

That said, if you just have a desktop mic and it’s connected to the external pink input on the computer, you will probably want to turn off enhancements in order to record singing or instruments. Have a look at

And you may need to turn off Skype as well - it can interfere when you want to record in other applications.