no sound while recording

I connected my urei mixer via two rca connectors from the master to my laptop mic input,i managed to record two vinyl mixes but now when I record the levels on audacity are flat lining,or it sounds distorted,any ideas anyone

Most computer Mic-In connections are mono, not stereo, and very easily overloaded creating crunchy, distorted sound. We usually recommend the UCA-202 as a cheap, high-quality interface.

Some PCs have a real stereo Line-In and some computers can switch one socket to either (consult your PC instructions), but the general rule is you can’t reliably do what you’re trying to do without additional hardware.


Thanks i will get one and try it

Igot a behringer uca202 and it helps with recording quality,the new issue is there is a humming noise,how do I stop this?
should I ground it ?

The UCA 202 does not provide a grounding point, but really it should not need one.
You need to discover where the hum is coming from.

If you disconnect the mixer from the UCA 202, do you still get the hum?
If you run the laptop on batteries with the power supply disconnected, do you get the hum?
If you record with everything connected, but with all of the mixer volumes turned down all the way, do you get the hum?