No sound when recording

Hi I am using audasity 2.0 I import a backing track and can play it back and listen to it but when I plug my guitar in through a line 6 pocket pod using a jack to USB from the amp out to my computer and press record I have no sound either on the backing track or what I am recording.Can you help. I am using windows 7

As above:

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Check in the Windows mixer that the USB device is visible and enabled.
The quickest way to access the mixer is to right-click over the speaker icon in the System Tray > Recording Devices.
See here for some pictures:

After you have checked that the USB device is enabled, open Audacity.
In the Audacity Device Toolbar set the “Recording (Input) Device” and the “Playback (output) Device” to the USB option.
Plug your headphones into the line 6 pocket pod.
Adjust the headphone level.

Hi Steve still having trouble I have windows 7 and audasity 2.0.0 I want to record guitar along with a backing track through a line 6 pocket pod. I have a jack to usb from the pod. When I don’t have the USB plugged in I can hear the backing track but when it’s plugged in and I press record nothing will work so when I press stop I get a message about Latency correction has moved . I also tried not using the USB but a headphone jack out of the pod and into the headphone on computer.I I could record along with the backing track but I could not hear myself as I was playing but when I stopped and pressed play I could hear both even though my guitar was so much louder than the track. please can you help.I done all you said in the last e-mail but I am not that great with computers so I may have not done it to the letter.

Hi steve done what you said and all I have achieved is to muck the sound on my computer so I can’t listen to any thing. All I am getting is distorted sound on everything can you tell me how to restore my sound before I had audasity as I would rather have a functioning computer than audasity

When a USB audio device is plugged in, Windows will use that as the default device for playback (whether the device is capable of audio playback or not!)

Unplug the line 6 pocket pod and reboot your computer. Windows should then revert to the normal sound card.

or just reset the output device to be your on-board souncard with the Device Toolbar - see:


That will only affect Audacity playback, it won’t affect sound from other applications.
To enable the normal sound card for all applications you need to either unplug the USB device or change the default playback device in the Windows sound device settings (accessible through the Windows Control Panel or through the “Mixer” from right clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the Desktop).

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What is this “jack to usb from the pod”?

I’ve just looked up the Pocket Pod - I was assuming from your first post that it was a USB audio interface, but now I see that it is just an effect unit and the USB connection on it is for editing its settings. So you are using some sort of “Jack to USB” cable as the actual “audio device”?
If that’s right then that arrangement will not allow you to hear the backing and the live guitar at the same time.

I’ve got a bit confused about the current situation as the posts have got out of order.
Could you give a description of the current situation - probably best to describe in full as if none of the previous posts had been written - let’s start afresh with this.

Hi Steve the situation is I am trying to help my son post himself on you tube.I import a backing track and tried to record through the direct out/phones into the mic on my PC.This did’t work so I brought a jack to USB so I had guitar input into the pod and amp out of the pod to the PC via the USB connection, this did’t work and I could only play back the backing track if I removed the USB.At this time I contacted yourself and tried to follow your instructions and all I have done is somehow mucked the sound on my PC ie when I try to play anything with audio the sound is very distorted with an echo or delay. All I want now is to restore my PC and maybe give up on Audasity as a bad job

Thanks for the summary, that has lifted the mist of confusion from my head :wink:

(and you’re using Windows 7 - that’s important because of the weird way that it handles audio)

Let’s start with getting your system sound restored to normal, then we can start again with enabling recording if you wish.

Try unplugging the jack to USB cable then reboot the computer and see if sound comes back (try playing a known-to-be-good audio file in Windows Media Player). Does that work?

Hi steve no it did’t work I went into ITunes the song was playing but the sound is still got distortion and echo or delay

Check your sound card settings - you may have some “effects” enabled.

Hi steve I don’ know how to do that and to reboot I just held the power button in and held it so I don’ really know if that was right. I am not very technical with a computer

For the sound card settings, look near the time/date for a loudspeaker icon.

To reboot, the best way is to shut down completely, then restart. See here: