No sound when opening mp3 files on Ventura 13.4 (Apple M2)

I just got a new mac and installed Audacity 3.4.2 and I can’t seem to hear any of my files. I don’t know if here is a hidden mute button or what? I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Can see the levels move but only from the left channel. But it says it’s stereo (it’s the same sound on both channels). I can hear the file if I just play it from the thumbnail in finder so i know there is sound on it. What am I missing? These are files that worked on my old computer (running catalina). Any advise would be great and I’m happy to share the mp3 file with someone to test.

Ohhhh another post here helped. My device toolbar was turned off and I turned it on and selected External Headphones and now I can hear. I had selected that in other settings but didn’t know about this one. All set.

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