No sound when copied to desktop or flash drive

This is my first attempt at copying vinyl to digital and I thought I was successful until I tried to play back a recording sent to my desktop in MP3.
The file shows I have generated approx. a 4 MB file but when I click on the file, it shows it is playing but with no sound. I am hoping my problem is
just a setting I have wrong or a toggle in the wrong position but don’t know where to go from here.

I downloaded the .exe version and am running Audacity 2.1.2 on Win 10.

I am using a USB Phono Plus to go directly from my turntable into my computer which “seems” to be working as I think it should as described in the manual and
a tutorial I’ve been using as a first time users guide.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


Sound engineering has a number of different ways to tell you are getting work whether or not you can hear it and Audacity follows that tradition.

While you are recording, the bouncing sound meters and blue waves should both be active. They should look something like this.

I have my sound meters expanded, but the show should look something like that. If you have almost flat blue waves or the meters bounce down in the -50dB or -60dB range, then you are not getting a good recording.

After you finish recording, Control-F to see the Full show on the blue waves. You should be able to play the work and the sound meters should bounce like they did during the recording. You can skip forward by clicking in the time bar over the blue waves. You will only hear sound if you have the playback system on your computer configured, but we can be almost certain you got a recording from the instruments, whether or not you can hear it.

Look at the Audacity playback settings next to the speaker icon. It should be pointing to your Windows playback system or settings. Sometimes, Windows will assume you want to record from, and play to the same thing when you plug a USB device in. The turntable is not going to make any sound no matter how hard Windows tries to force it.

Is that what happened to you?


If the problem is playing a file outside Audacity, see Why have I lost sound after connecting a USB device on Windows?.