No sound recording from Pioneer S9 mixer

I’m trying to record from my mixer to Audacity using the USB connection. I made sure Audacity is updated to the latest version and also updated the drivers for my mixer. When I open Audacity I select the mixer as recording input (exact model number shows up) but when I try to record nothing registers. The mixer shows up in Windows correctly as a recording device and I have it selected. I’ve tried all three options for Audio Host as well. Each time, it tries to record for maybe once second and stops. Nothing shows in the waveform either.

I can record just fine through Serato so it seems like a software or setting issue with Audacity to me.

Any advice?

Reboot, and ensure that nothing is using ASIO, then try again.

Rebooting didn’t fix anything, how do I tell if ASIO is being used by something?

Does your mixer have a control panel in the system tray, or is there an “ASIO” icon in the system tray?
(check for hidden icons)

I’m facing the same problem, is there a solution to these problem?

Does it work with Serato?