No sound recorded[SOLVED]

I am not electronically sophisticated. I use Windows 8.1. What I want to do is record a radio livestream on Audacity, convert it to an MP3 file, import it (or is it export it?) to iTunes, and then load it in my new IPod (Touch, 5th gen). I can apparently do all of this but, even though the recording shows up on my PC in iTunes AND on my IPod (after syncing) under Playlists, the recording plays (I can see the time sequence counting down), there is no sound either if I try to play it from ITunes or on my IPod.

Any step-by-step solution in laymen’s terms would me enormously appreciated. The only reason I have the IPod is so I can listen to European station classical music recordings when I am doing other things in places where there is no WIFI.



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Does the show play while you have it in Audacity?

Does it look similar to this while you’re recording?


Please excuse the delay in responding. I thought my username was my full email address and finally figured out this morning that it is only the beginning of it.

You seem to have hit on the problem. My display shows only a vertically rd line that moves across the graph when I try to record. I must have an incorrect Input selected?

Thank you very much. I shall be a much happier person if I get this figured out

You’ll have to set the third input box in Audacity Device Toolbar to the source of the radio stream.

If it’s a stream playing in a web browser, choose stereo mix in the third input box, or Windows WASAPI in the first box, the built-in computer playback device in the second box and the built in computer playback device (loopback) in the third box. You will almost certainly have to show and enable stereo mix in the “Recording” tab of Windows Sound if you have not already done so, and use Windows WASAPI instead (as above) if your computer sound device does not offer stereo mix.

For details, try following this page including all the steps in Windows if necessary: .

If the radio stream you want to record is not playing in your web browser, please say where it is playing.


Solution found. I have set Windows WASAPI in the first box, with Speakers (Realtek . . . ) in the second and third boxes. A normal wave pattern crosses the screen when the recording is in progress and I have, miraculously, gotten the first recording I’ve done transferred to iTunes and then into my IPod. There is some glitch, or omission on my part, with my second attempt but will work it out, I hope, when I get time. Thanks for the clear advice.