No sound recorded from my casette deck

Audacity v. 2.0.3
Windows 10
Dell Latitude 7410

About ten years ago I digitized quite a lot of casett recordings by using Audacity. Now, however, things do not work the way they did. There are of course new versions of Audaticity, and I’ve got a new computer (Windows 10).
This is my problem: Even though I’ve plugged the line signals from the cassette deck into my computer in the traditional way, there is no sound recorded in Audacity. (I’ve chosen Microphone Array-Realtek as input source.) (Line out from a Sony TC D-5M.) It seems as if some weak signals entering Audacity come from the internal microphone. The same things happen when I plug an external microphone into my computer. But the sound from my microphone in the Headset (Platronics) is recorded perfectly.

What do I do wrong?

Go to “Help menu > Diagnostics” and click on “Audio device info”.
Wait for the device info window to open, and save the info somewhere convenient.
Attach the saved file to your reply (See:

Please find the attached information from Audio device-diagnostics.
Audio devise-diagnostics - from hnohs.txt (6.14 KB)

I think the problem is “the traditional way”.

Traditionally, computers provide two or more audio connectors. There is (traditionally) at least one audio input and one audio output connector.
What does your computer have?

(I’ve chosen Microphone Array-Realtek as input source.)

That would be your built-in microphone. :wink:

…Which probably means you have a laptop which probably means you don’t have a line-input.

You’ll need a USB audio interface with line inputs. There are a couple of suggestions [u]here[/u]. Or there are lots of higher-end audio interfaces with switchable line/mic* inputs.

Do NOT buy a regular “USB soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.


  • These only work with stage/studio microphones. They are not compatible with computer mics.

Thank you very much.
Yes, my new computer has only one audio connector, which I supposed was a combined one.
I’ll buy a USB audio interface and follow your recommendations.

which I supposed was a combined one.

Right… That’s a combination mono-microphone input and headphone output. A regular headphone plug works for headphones but it takes a 4-contact [u]TRRS plug[/u] to make the microphone connection so if you ever want to plug-in a microphone you’ll need the right plug or an adapter.