No Sound Playing Cassette on Win 10 - solution

Ran into an issue when setting up the USB cassette on Windows 10. After switching to a different USB port to get the USB PnP Audio Device to finally show in the Sound control panel there still was no sound. When I double clicked on the Microphone Array in the Sound control panel & opened the Listen tab I noticed that the “Listen to this device” option checkbox was unchecked. Once I checked it I could hear the cassette playing. Note: I did rename the device Microphone Array to Audacity Cassette (see attached screen shot).
PS: I did search the forums for this issue but didn’t find any, so hopefully this isn’t redundant.

That is one of the solutions. Just for completeness, the other solution is to use Audacity’s “Software Playthrough” option (

I personally think the “Listen to this device” option is the better solution if it is available, but some sound cards don’t have that option, in which case “Software Playthrough” may be the only option that works.