No Sound or Recording

Apologies but I’m new to this and I guess this question’s been asked 100’s of times. However …

I’d like to say that I’ve followed - in detail - the instructions given in the various Audacity source documentation, (but, obviously not, I suspect), but I can’t get this to work.

With Freecorder, I can record directly from my sound card so I don’t think the possibility that my sound card won’t support this is probably a non-starter. (However, Freecorder does horrible things to my pc which required me to re-install Windows 7 from scratch on a few occasions).

So, I can see the line on the display but it doesn’t move so no waveform comes after it. The recording levels are very low according to the meters. I have set all the relevant output devices volume controls to max.
When I save the file, (and export it as an MP3 format), and play it, all I get is silence.

In summery, the line doesn’t move across the screen, there’s no waveform displayed and the recording levels are low.

Ideas - and, possibly, if possible, a worked example of the setup would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

(However, Freecorder does horrible things to my pc which required me to re-install Windows 7 from scratch on a few occasions).

What sorts of horrible things?
Did you install Win7 on a very old machine? Windows 7 had higher requirements for machine resources than earlier Windows versions.
A reccuring theme in the FAQ for failure to record is “running out of computer resources.” The computer doesn’t have enough speed or memory or drive space for live sound. When you record What’s Playing on the Computer, the machine has to run the full Play service and the full Record service at the same time. That could be stressful on an older machine.


Hi, Koz - and thanks for this response.

I had had problems before with my machine. I suspected it was something to do with the adware that was downloaded - from ‘somewhere’. Had no idea where at that time. The situation became so bad that Explorer stopped working altogether, my anti-virus firewall protection was switched off by ‘something’ and, eventually, the whole machine failed to respond to any input. I also couldn’t run any anti virus scanning unless I went into Safe mode. I did find some malware, (using MalWareBytes, SpyBot and Security Essentials), which I got rid of but as soon as I started Windows normally, it didn’t take long for the machine to stop again.
I eventually realised that the only way to get my machine back to normal was to re-install Windows which is what I did.
I did read of other Freecorder users who had similar experiences on the Freecorder website forum. However, Freecorder’s responses were very good and convinced me that I could download Freecorder again and disable the adware that usually came with it. I downloaded from CNet and installed. Even disabling the adware installs, I, somehow, still ended up with something called LinkSwift. An internet search revealed that this was, again, an adware utility that front-loaded itself on to Explorer.
If one believes Feeecorder, (which I do), then the only other explanation as to why I ended up a sneaky adware program was that the Freecoder install file had been hacked.
O.k., one could argue that there could’ve been another source where I inadvertently downloaded the adware from but, when I re-started Windows after the re-install, Freecorder was the only piece of software I downloaded. I hadn’t even installed a third party firewall - Windows Firewall was the only thing running, (and Security Essentials).
Which is why I went searching for another program that did something similar so, here I am.

O.k., to answer your other question; no, I’m running on quite a high spec machine with a TB of disk space and not much else as my data files are held on an external hard drive. Yes, it’s a little old now but is still quick.
I think I’m obviously missing something here but, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it could be.
Any other ideas gratefully received.