No sound on some tracks

Good day! Well, not quite.

Suddenly, I am not getting sound from some tracks in a multitude of projects I’ve saved. The waveform shows as normal, but tracks can’t be heard. No mute of solo button is on. I also cannot get sound from these tracks if played in an audio player. Also my last project, mixed down the tracks automatically when I exported the project to audio. That’s not normal. Usually when I export to audio, the project stays intact.


No mute of solo button is on

Did you bump the volume control in the left-hand track panel? The blue waves do not follow that volume control, but speaker output and Export do.


Also my last project, mixed down the tracks automatically when I exported the project to audio. That’s not normal.

Actually, it is. Unless you Export Selected, Audacity will mix down all available tracks to one (stereo) track on Export. Audacity tells you explicitly it’s going to do that. Which version of Audacity do you have?


Nope. No problem with the controls, and though mixdown while exporting to audio is normal, it is not normal that the project itself should mixdown. I only exported from these projects, and when I reopened them, they were mixdowns. That is not normal.

Also, my musescore is acting strangely. I am sure this is a virus. I’m running a scan on my discs now. So far I’ve found something called antiusb.

AntiUsb does respond to a Google search.


I don’t know anything about viruses. I heard they come throught he internet and I had these problems on the last public terminal I used. Now I’m on a clean terminal but the files are not giving sound. They should be sounding because the waveforms are there in the tracks.

I only exported from these projects

Maybe we’re using the wrong words. Audacity does not Export Projects. It exports sound files and saves Projects.

When Audacity Exports a show to a sound file it always mixes down to plain stereo (or mono depending on the show).

If you save an Audacity project, it should open up to the same number of tracks it left with.

This is an Audacity Project.

I didn’t see an answer to the Audacity version. Help > About.


Yes, I know this. I’ve been using audacity for several years now. The export is misdown, the project remains intact, all tracks separated as usual. Now when exporting the project itself is mixed down to only one track. I’ve lost the project, because what is in the project now, is the same thing as the audio export.

I just made a copy of my project and tested the export. This time it mixed down in the export and did not mix down the trackes in the project. Then I tested the mixdown of the project tracks and it’s OK except that it deleted one of the stereo channels in one track. I am sure that my drive was attacked by some kind of virus on that public terminal. But a virus scan is not showing me much.

I had to split that track, duplicate it, then make a stereo track from it. But now I’ve lost the sound from that track. The waveform is there unalterered, but no sound is coming from the track. Nothing is changed in the mute, solo, pan or volume controils for that track.

I backed up to just a mono track with out the duplicate and make stereo tack and now I’ve got sound. Obviously, something is awry in mixing. I am using audacity portable. this morning I trashed the one I was using and downloaded a fresh audacity portable.

I had previously exported the parts of the project. They do not play when loaded to audacity or to a media player. I’m in a panic over here.

I am using audacity portable.

Audacity and Audacity Portable are different programs. You might try Audacity Portable support.


Thanks Koz. I don’t know what’s going on but now everything is back to normal. I ran a scan (something I also don’t know anything about) and maybe it removed the problem?

Now it’s doing it again. The tracks from yesterday are silent in the headphones, the waveform is visible, the meter is bouncing in time with the waveforms, the newly imported overdub tracks are sounding through the phones. Some tracks are sounding and others are not, whether mute or solo is on, makes no difference on some of the tracks. They remain without sound.

I wonder if I made a mistake splitting tracks and then rejoining them? Could that lead to this problem?