No sound on recording

I had some time to record a practice session. It was about 30 mins long, but when I stepped out to listen and edit, I could not hear anything.
Searching the forum for answers, I noticed that there could be an issue with Windows 10. I have the latest version, but the FAQ section does not direct me to where I need to go.
I don’t know if the sound problems are because of the wrong settings in Audacity or Windows.
I can sound with the playback levels but nothing in the headphones or on the laptop.
Any assistance or suggestions? Thank you

search the internet for How to Record the Sound Coming From Your PC (Even Without Stereo Mix).
change the mme to WASAPI, change the loopback device (next to mme) to speakers

How were you doing that? For example, were you recording your voice using a Yeti Pro USB microphone?

That is not correct. SuneeSky said they were recording “a practice session”. They made no mention of “How to Record the Sound Coming From Your PC”.

I got it!