No sound on playback

No sound on playback. I am using Windows XP Professional 2002 service pack 3. It is Audacity 2.0.3. I installed from the .exe file. In the Audacity program under Preferences – Devices the Interface is ‘MME’ Playback Device is ‘SoundMax HD Audio’, the other option in Microsoft Sound Mapper, Recording Device is ‘SoundMax HD Audio Microphone’ the other options are Microsoft Sound Mapper Input and SoundMax HD Audio Line In.

The Audio Properties in Windows are Default Device ‘ SoundMax HD Audio’. Sound Recording ‘SoundMax HD Audio’. The MIDI Palyback is MS GS Wavetable.

I can capture the file and I use Lame to convert it to a MP3, I can see the file size is what one would expect. But When I open Media Player or move it to ITunes I cannot hear any sound. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

“HD Audio” can sometimes mean your computer is trying to send sound out to your HiDef Panel or TV and not your speakers. Koz