no sound on playback thru Mac

Have: Mac OS Mojave 10.14.2. Have: Audacity 2.1.2. Have:turntable AT LP120USB(new). Have: Edifier S1000DB bookshelf speakers

music goes into Audacity via record button. can monitor sound going in in real time with Edifier powered S1000DB external speakers. Get audacity audio monitor noise line on Mac(just like I should). All volume settings on toolbar set to max. at end of record I click stop button and then I click green play button to the right of the stop button. cursor line travels thru noise signal line as it should but I get no volume at all thru speakers. PLZ HELP.
thanx samboo

Ensure that your speakers are selected as the playback device in the device toolbar.

Steve, MacOS Mojave 10.14.4, Audacity 2.3.2, I can monitor recording going in. Can’t playback with sound>>my settings as follows
core audio. USB audio Codec 2 Stereo Built in output. Have tried USB Audio Codec and Edifier S1000DB in the playback device dropdown. None work have disabled playthru. no help Have enabled playthru. no help. system preferences to playback. no help.

You did get an actual recording, right? You have blue waves and your sound meter bounces?

Does anything else play sound? YouTube music or something from iTunes? If you touch the volume keys, does the sound go poit-poit-poit?