No SOund on playback in Audacity 2.1.0 on Windows 8


I have a new Windows 8 laptop. Everything seems working fine.

I installed Audacity and there is no sound on playback. I can see the waveform and see it play but there is no sound.

Ran audio troubleshooting tests and check volume, etc.and nothing comes up.

The files that won’t play sound in Audacity play fine in other media players (WIndows Media Player, Media Monkey.

I have Audacity 2.0.4 on my older Windows 8 laptop with almost identical configuations/software installed and that has been fine for a year plus.

How can this be solved?

thank you


Select the playback device that you want to use in the device toolbar.

Great, thank you. phwew, now seems to work. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my screen doesn’t look quite like the given screenprint so it’s a little confusing (no labels) but I figured it out and it works.

This appears to be a new feature on a new version… As a longtime Audacity user, it would have helped that such a major feature / possible problem was highlighted somehow (rather than possibly buried deep in documentaton) - could have saved a lot of other troubleshooting. That suggestion made, I’m grateful the software is free and for those who donate time to make the updates and documentation. Thank you :slight_smile:

Not a new feature, the device toolbar has been there for several years (all of the 2.x series and many earlier versions).
There’s a picture of the main Audacity window on the first page of the manual, and it is “clickable”.
The manual is also available in the Audacity Help menu (if you use the recommended Windows “installer” version).