No sound on laptop [SOLVED]

Hi, I’ve just loaded Audacity 2.0.3 on Windows 10 (home) and connected an external audio turntable to my laptop using the EZCAP lead (2 phonos to USB). I loaded Audacity from CD and selected the audacity.exe file for installation. I followed the instruction to select EDIT > Preferences and set as instructed. I can commence recording and also listen to the playback, but I cannot get any sound whilst the recording is in progress, which is a little annoying. Any ideas? Thank you.

[u]Software Playthrough[/u] should be checked.

Make sure your speakers are selected as your [u]Playback Device[/u]. (Sometimes when you plug-in a USB audio device Windows tries to play back through it.)

Hey DVDdoug, thank you, that works perfectly. I can now hear the music! :smiley: