no sound on exported files

When I export to either a wav or mp3 Windows media player (any player for that matter) will not produce sound. Any other wav or mp3 plays correctly. I have v2.2.3. The project plays fine inside Audacity. I have headphones (using din9 jack) and a USB mouse on an ASUS laptop with win10.
Any suggestions?
Thank you

What happens when you re-open the exported file? Do you get flat lines & silence? If so, is the playing time of the silent correct?

When I export

When you export what? What’s the show and how did you get it? There are some special microphone cables which will produce a show that will only play on some, but not all players.


To answer both questions:

  1. yes the file plays correctly when I import it back in as a wav.
  2. this originated as a mp3 file I imported (actually I think I just opened it - I didn’t use the import function}. I am trying to create a sample of the full song.

No worries - I figured it out (I think it was the import).
Software is cool - easy to learn with lots of functionality for the novice.