No sound on exported file

I’m a new Audacity 2.0.2 user trying to convert old LP’s into mp3.
I managed to connect my table to the computer and generate a .aup projet. When I play it, it’s OK and I can listen to my project through the computer speakers.
Problem is : when I export the project as mp3 (using the required Lame encoder), the result is a mp3 file which yields no sound when I open it with MS Windows Media. The same if I export it as a .wav file.
Can someone help me ?

It’s the most fun when a poster is doing everything right and it still doesn’t work.

Stop using MP3.

Generally, Audacity will capture the vinyl in very good quality format internally. Music CDs use a very good quality for the music they carry. MP3, however, is a personal player listening and internet posting format and always creates some sound damage while it works. You can’t stop it.

Export the work as WAV and eliminate that sound damage in the middle.

The AUP file is just the control file for the project. It’s not a sound file. The real sound clips and data are inside the _DATA folder. You need to keep those two together.

So you can double click the aup file and it will recreate the show as you transferred it from vinyl, right? And you can play it and it sounds OK?

Why would Exporting to WAV create a silent show…

If you import that WAV file into a fresh Audacity, does that play?