No sound on computer after installation.

Hi folks,
Not sure where to post this. After installaing 2.2.2 using an M-AudioC400 and Korg minilogue, I can record and play but have lost the use of the speakers on my computer. I have a small Roland speaker that I use with the M-Audio. I thought I saw something about this one time in the manual but can not find it now. I am quite the novice at recording but know a bit about computers so be gentle with this old soul. Thanks for any help!

Not sure where to post this.

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have lost the use of the speakers on my computer.

Audacity uses the services of the computer. It doesn’t reach out and touch the devices directly. So. Right-click the Windows speaker lower right and drill down to playback devices and see what the options are. One of those is going to be the built-in speakers. You can’t play to your music system and the laptop built-ins at the same time (that I know of).

All that has to match the settings in Audacity opposite the little speaker icon.

This is a Mac, so yours will be different.
Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 14.35.25.png

When you plug-in a “new” USB device, sometimes Windows wants to use that new device for recording and playback.

You can right-click the Windows speaker/volume icon, then select Playback Devices to change the default playback device. And/or with Audacity you can select your record & playback devices from the [u]Device Toolbar[/u].