no sound is comming out of the recordings I made..?

I m using Audacity in a Ubuntu 18.04.5 system
The problem I got now is that I was having a problem. suddenly I coudn’t or hear de registrations in anyway (headphones or from de computer directly) while the piece was going on or impossible to continue recording on the begining of a new pist (?wonder if the word is correct)…
I thought maybe it was too many heavy things on muy desktop or too many opened windows in the internet,…so I first took material out and close the internet searchs… but still the same problem.
I decided then to desinstall the two (who knows why there where two of them) Audacitys… and actuallize the system. Close the computer…
Well and reenstal de Audacity… hopefully now is only one version of it.
The thing now is still the piece is running on but impossible to hear a sound from that. What is the problem? How can I solve it?

(of course I can hear the music in the youtube, and in some others registrations / The sound of the computer is working)
The name Audacity gives to de archives of sound at the moment is: .aup (in the icon ther is three discs one on the top of another)

Thank you very much!

I’m guessing that you mean:
“continue recording on the beginning of a new track

What are you trying to record?
If you are trying to record sounds that are playing on your computer, you need to use the “PulseAudio Volume Control”. Details are here:

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