no sound in speakers..

hi im using a new inspiron desktop pc which I just bought…on a windows 10 n64 bits…im not getting any sound coming out of my sound going into my computer or during playback…my nrew computer is an inspiron 3000 series model 3470…the music records into my pc but I just cantr
hear it before or after it records…Any suggestions?thanks


No sound at all or just Audacity? Are the speakers plugged into the green soundcard port? Are the speakers powered-on? Are you sure the speakers work?

hi the speakers work… they are plugged in correctly…the speakers can play computer sounds…their plugged and are on…


oh I forgot to mention test the system with other speakers and silence…

the speakers can play computer sounds…their plugged and are on…

OK, make sure to select your regular soundcard/speakers as your Audacity [u]Playback Device[/u], but that should already be selected by default if you have no other audio devices plugged-in.

And, make sure the [u]Playback Volume[/u] is turned up.

the music records into my pc

So, you see a blue waveform? And if you are actually recording you should be able to export to WAV or MP3 and play the file in Windows Media Player (or whatever player software you normally use).

You can also try opening a known-good audio file in Audacity to check if you can play it.

I just cant hear it before…

Once you get playback sorted-out, turn-on [u]Software Playthrough[/u] to hear what you’re recording. (But don’t enable that if you are recording streaming audio because you’ll create a feedback loop/echo.)

hi I want to hear the music as it goes into the computer…so I can moniter the music…i just had to replace a computer that was defected but I could hear the music on that one…what im trying to do here…


hi im not sure how I did it but they seem to be working as I want it…hope they stay working…when did the last update occur?are people having issues with this updated version?