no sound in Line in while recording

I am trying to record directly from the internet through Audacity.
I am not able to record at all and the recording is flat inspite of these efforts: I am using dell desktop, with sound max HD (i believe thats the sound card). I can hear the sound from teh speakeers but cannot record.

  1. looked into the volume details of windows like input controls, wave inputs in sound properties, and made sure nothung is muted and have the right volume.
  2. In Audacity, I have gone into edit>preferences>Audio I/O and tried all options like checking and unchecking sotware playthrough. I have two options in recordings>devices which are Soundmax HD Audio and Microsoft Sound Mapper- Input…although I have tried both, I am not sure which one to use.
  3. I have tried different forms of inputs like waveform, waveformDB, Pitch
  4. I have double checked the input volumes in Audacity. I have tried Line in and Microphone.
    Can Some Expert help me please.

I assume you’re using a Windows machine. You didn’t mention.

You also don’t want the Line In source to record streaming audio. That won’t help you any.

There’s a wiki page on this subject (though it’s well-hidden, IMO):

Make note of the “HELP ON RECORDING COMPUTER PLAYBACK OR STREAMING AUDIO.” Also note that XP help is below the Vista help.

And one other thing, software playthrough must be unchecked to use this source (unless you like echos).

Since it seems you can’t select the right input now, you’ll probably have to update your soundcard drivers.