no sound from usb inpu

Hi: i received the turntable and tested it with with an RCA plug through my stereo amplifier.worked fine. had to download windows 10 OS. did same. plugged the device into my PC. no sound other than what is coming out of the Preamp(?) the task bar came up
and showed line (usb audio codec). on the mike LR monitor displayed waves.on speaker bar showed nothing.
Thank you.
can’t use realtek–they have a well known problem. the PC is 2 months old.
any step by step specific trouble shooting manual??

I assume you have a USB turntable?

and showed line (usb audio codec). on the mike LR monitor displayed waves.

In that case, I assume you were recording OK. Did you save the project or export the file?

on speaker bar showed nothing.

Make sure you’ve selected the speakers as your [u]Playback Device[/u] (not the USB turntable).

can’t use realtek–they have a well known problem

What problem is that? You CAN record through the line-input on a Realtek soundcard. But, if you have a laptop with only mic-in and headphone-out, the mic input is “wrong” and that won’t work properly.

this my exact problem.

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When I plug the USB cable from my Audio -Technica AT-LP120 USB turn table into my computer. I loose sound from anything else such as iTunes. The computer recognizes the turn table, it shows up as a “3-USB Audio CODec Default Communication Device” microphone. When I put an album on the turn table, the VU meter shows the turn table/ USB Microphone is out putting but I get nothing to the speakers that show up as “3-USB Audio CODEC Default Communications Device”. I’m running Windows 8 64bit. Thanks in advance.
is there a hard copy of the audacity system or a cd??