no sound from speakers

hi im using windows 64 bits…im recording 78s into the computer and as im recording there is no sound coming out of my personus speakers…
I have audacity set up so I can record the 78s but I hear no sound to moniter the records…i had another brand new computer which was all set up
but it developed issues and is back in the repair shop so I had to use my older computer…thats why the question…

lenny aka ben bernie

In Search type in letters So when program opens click on change volume settings click on change volume settings or Apt settings then click on trouble shoot this should clear up your problems.
Hope this information will not confuse you just keep working with these control items, many time i also find speakers not working also head phones get used to trouble shooting the problems and you will also.


Use the run option from the windows start button ( may need to right click to find it or you could use search ) Type in mmsys.cpl and look at the devices under the recording tab. Identify you recording device and look at its properties. You can select listen to this device and you will be able to monitor it. Of course this will cause feedback if you are using a microphone but should be no problem if you are using line-in.