No sound from internet, only noise [SOLVED]

The questions are:

  1. I hear and edit musics that are inside my computer

  2. I can’t hear music running in internet, no matter what browser I use. There is noise only

  3. What can I do, please? :question:

Are you on Linux, Windows or both? We can’t answer your questions properly unless you answer our questions in the pink panel at the top of the page.

You may want to unmute and turn up the volume in the flash player or HTML 5 player you are using.

If you are on Windows Vista or later, left-click the speaker icon by the system clock, then click “Mixer”. Unmute and turn up the volume for the flash player or the web browser.

If you don’t have sound in Windows Media Player either, set the default playback device in Windows Sound to the speakers or headset that you are using.


I killed the problem: I distruted of the sound card. After a quick inspection saw the microphone concected, not in use. Once disconected, the problem was gone. Maybe a spoiled mic… :smiley: :smiley: