No Sound from Exported Files

New download of Audacity 2.0.6

I think I may be missing something basic.

I recorded & saved 1 track from a turntable into Audacity. I can see a waveform and can playback within Audacity. I saved the .aup file and can reopen it in Audacity and I can playback the track no problem.

Now I take the file and try to export it into different types of files. 1st I tried a .WAV, Audacity did process the file and created a .WAV file in my directory. When I opened the .WAV file in Windows Media Player the player moved thru the track but with no sound (Mute was off and volume at max). I check a number of places in the track no sound anywhere. I also tried MP2 with same result. I then download and installed the MP3 lib and then created an MP3 file. Same result
I suspect I have something configure wrong but I looked at the documentation on the site but could not find anything about my problem.

Any idea what I may have configure incorrectly?

Thanks for your help

If you have a USB turntable, sometimes Windows will try to play sound back out to the turntable instead of speakers or headphones. Unplug the turntable and try it.


Looks like that was it. Disconnected the Turntable USB and the files work fine


To get sound while the USB turntable is connected, see this FAQ: