No Sound from Audacity on Mac

I am trying to record 4-track cassettes from a Tascan 424 through a converter box into my Mac Ventura’s (13.4.1) usb c port. I’ve done it this way hundreds of times without a flaw. I downloaded the latest fresh update 3.3.3 and I started having problems. The Mac was getting a strong signal in both channels from the 424, but there was no sound in the headphones or the speakers. It recorded a track, that much I am sure of. I have the audio settings adjusted the same way as before; Core, USB AUDIO CODEC input, External Headphones output, 2 channels and the sample rate on both the Mac and Audacity is set to 44100. Obviously, I am missing something. I’m frustrated and not thinking too clearly. What is it that I need to do? Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Windows guy here. If you have recorded with Audacity with this computer before, you shouldn’t have to check: Control access to the microphone on Mac - Apple Support

One thing to check is your level settings on the Meter Toolbars - Audacity Manual

Also see: Common troubleshooting steps - Audacity Support

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