no sound/ feedback- recording from mic

HI, I’ve got Windows XP, just dnldd the full version & I can’t get it to work. the first recording i did with live mic was mostly feedback, but I could hear my distorted voice far away. The other recordings, after I changed the volumes, I got nothing but the feedback sound. What are the volumes supposed to be set at for recording live? And what other settings do i need to change? thanks.

the first recording i did with live mic was mostly feedback

Even with the headphones? You can get howling even with the headphones if you record from Stereo Mix or other “magic” sound device instead of Mic-In or one of the other real hardware devices. Set that with the Audacity Device Toolbar.

If you’re not wearing headphones, wear headphones.


I don’t ahve the same options that it says in the manual. Is ‘modem #0 line record’ what I want in the third box?

It is set MME, microsoft sound mapper, microsoft mapper, & 1 mono input.

Thank you.

You say you want to record from a mic. I assume it is an external mic plugged into the red mic port of the computer. In that case you want to set the Audacity input to the microphone choice, not to any Sound Mapper choice. Sound Mapper is whatever the Windows default device is at the moment, and it may be set to something other than mic.

If you do not see a mic input choice in Audacity, follow the instructions here: .