No sound during playback[SOLVED]

I am using Windows XP with Audacity 2.x. I am recording music from a cassette player. I can hear the song playing when recording through the headphones I have plugged into the cassette player. Audacity appears to be recording as I can see time passing across the screen. There is no visual noise wave being displayed across the screen during recording. The mixer toolbar will only move the volume levels to -30 even though I have the curser pushed all the way to the end at the + sign. Once recording has stopped, I export as a MP3. The MP3 shows up on my desktop. I have opened it in both ITunes and Windows Media Player and there is no sound during playback. What am I doing wrong?

It sounds to me like you are recording the wrong input, so you are just recording computer noise.

You will have to choose the input device in Audacity Device Toolbar so that it points to the recording device you connected the cassette player to.

If it is a USB cassette player, Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in Audacity then choose USB Audio CODEC or similar as the Audacity input device. Please read this Tutorial .

If it a conventional cassette deck, connect the tape deck to line-in (blue) of the computer and set Audacity to record from the line-in. Please read these Tutorials and .

Whatever the type of cassette deck, set the output device in Audacity Device Toolbar to your computer speakers or headphones as necessary.


Thanks for the info. That fixed it. Its working now.
Thank You