No sound after moving files to another computer

Hey everyone!
I’m new to all this… so don’t hate me if i’ve posted a dumb question. I downloaded audacity 2.0.3 yesterday on my acer aspire laptop running windows 7. I’m using the built in mic to record some samples of my singing and playing guitar. I exported and saved the files to my desktop and anytime i play them in i-tunes or windows media player on my laptop they work just fine! However i want to burn my recordings to cd and my laptop doesn’t support that function. I transfered the files to my desktop (also windows 7 using audacity 2.0.3) using a flash drive at first, but when i opened them on my desktop and played them in WMP all i got was a slight buzz then nothing. I tried opening up the wav files in audacity on my desktop and i can see all the blue vertical lines identical to the ones on my laptop but pressing play produces no sound (or just a little buzzing) -_- . I have also tried transferring the files via sendspace but the same thing happens. Any help would be much appreciated!

While the project is open on the desktop machine, close your show by clicking on the little X to the upper left of the track. Don’t close Audacity. Then Generate > Tone > OK.

Play that. Do you hear it?

Edit > Preferences > Devices > Playback. Does that point to something rational like your soundcard?


Yikes I heard that loud and clear. And yes under Edit > Preferences > Devices > Playback it labels primary sound driver. There is another option of speakers (realtek high definition audio) .

Unfortunately still having problems :confused:

If you still have a problem try rebooting the computer.

If you burn the CD from the WAV files, you may find the CD is OK, given you can see the waveform. Are you sure you exported on the laptop as Microsoft 16-bit WAV?

You can buy USB CD burners for about £20/ $30.