no sound after export

I’ve been using audacity for years. Love the program. My PC crashed. downloaded latest version of Audacity. Spent hours editing a new audio file. exported both Mp3 and wav. No playback sound!! This has never happened to me before. I’ve read the other posts on this topic. My gain is set to the middle ( 0 ). WIndows media player works and plays other files fine. HELP! Thanks…

hi, mi name john in argentina and I have the same problem with windows 7 proff runnin in Lenovo 3000 C200, some body can help :blush:

Audacity 2.1.2 via .exe installer Windows 7

WIndows media player works and plays other files fine.

Are you saying the new files don’t play in Windows Media Player? When you open the new MP3 or WAV in Audacity do you see the waveform?

What happens when you open a known-good file in Audacity? Can Audacity play it?

That’s correct… They play in Audacity and show their waveform. Then after export they even show the correct file size!! So there is data in the file, but it will not play in windows media player. Weird, I just opened it in ITunes and the file played just fine. Hmmmm, So it’s definitely a Windows Media Player issue… I’m just worried if I send the file as an email attachment and people try to open it with WMP, it won’t play for them… Thoughts?

Make the exported files as standard as possible.

44100 Hz project rate, which determines the export sample rate.

128 kbps constant bit rate MP3.

16-bit PCM WAV.