No sond....ever

I recently puchased a Starlogic USB turntable and, after hooking it

up to my computer (using the USB cable only), I found that it
doesn’t play. There is a cable with two RCA-style jacks coming from
the back of the turntable, but I have no place to plug them into my
computer. I don’t need to have them plugged in, do I?
I have installed the Audacity software that came with the turntable
and when I open the program, I get the interface screen, but again,
when I try to play a record, there is no sound.
I should tell you that I have a new computer and it came with
Microsoft’s Vista program. Is that what is causing the problem. If
so, how do I fix the problem?

You have posted this on totally the wrong place of teh forum - this is the section for people who don’t like the colours of the site, or want more smilies …

Nonetheless - many people seem to have problems with USB TTs (personally I didn’t - apart the incedibly annoying wow&flutter which finally made me junk it). Waht another contributor, Kozikowski) recommends on the forum for people in your situation is to use the RCA plugs to connect to your PC (and no you don’t need them if you are using the USB connection)- you will need a Y connector that terminates in a 3.5mm stereo jack-plug, and plug this into the line-in on your computer (if you have a laptop you may not have a line-in - do not be tempted to use the mic-in it will produce bad results).

I hope that your deck allows you to swith to line-level output in place of phono output - otherwise the necessary RIAA equalisation will not be applied and the result will sound thin and a bit bass-less.

Also make sure that you have the latest stable version of Audacity, which is 1.2.6 - mant USB TT manufacturers ship older versions on the suupplied CDs.

You should also read the sticky threads about Vista with Audacity - Vista gives many people problems.



One correction. This only works with Macs and Deskside PCs. Not PC Laptops. Those people need to get their money back.