no Signal Vinyl recording

Hi there,

im using

Audacity 2.0.5
Mac OS 10.9.1 Maveriks
Focusrite Scarlett 8i6
All Drivers and Software are up to date.

I´ve done this before a lot of times with my old Tascam US 122 mk2 and it worked fine, but now i don´t find the problem.
so when i try to record, i don´t get any input signal in Audacity.
The Focusrite Software Scarlett MixControl shows me the input levels and it seems to be no problem recording this, but it won´t.
Interface is selected as input (OS and Audacity)
Sample Rates are set the same everywhere.

I Can´t find any more routing options in the Interface Software so maybe i´ve overlooked something!?

Any suggestions?

Thank you for reading

Audacity will fail if Stereo/Mono doesn’t line up. That’s set in Audacity > Preferences > Devices.

So the Scarlett software has a bouncing ball sound meter or something like that and it is working?

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input. Select the Scarlett and make sure that sound meter bounces.

I’m guessing it’s not going to.

The Scarlett 8i6 is an 8 in / 6 out audio interface

Now we’re in fuzzy territory. The device is expecting to play into a multi-channel recorder. Audacity can do that, but it doesn’t directly support ASIO and other advanced software. Make sure the number of sound channels matches.

Also, I don’t see any place to plug in a turntable. What are you using for a phono preamp?


Hi Koz!

Thanks for the help man!

As i said i did this a lot of times before so i basically just changed the interface.
TT > Mixer (A&H xone 32) > scarlett > mbp

Scarlett Software and System Prefs showed the input. Thats why i stuck there…

Problem was, as you suggested, the amount of channels…

I just barely understand why, and the other question now is:

Do i have now always six channels open while recording and then have to manually delete the 1. 2. and 5 and 6th channel afterwards?
Not a big deal, but an extra task…


Yes. Audacity cannot choose which channels to record from. That’s a “feature request”. If you connect the turntable to channels 1 and 2, you might find Audacity will record those channels if you set it to record “2 channels”. If you connect to channels 3 and 4, it might record those channels if you set it to record “4 channels” then delete the silent channels 1 and 2.

To be sure Audacity always records the channels you want, you need to set it to record the maximum number of channels then delete the silent channels.