no signal from the guitar with audio card

Hi…i’m using windows 10 home and the guitar recordings only with PC’s microphone or with connecting on the pc directly…now if i try by entering with the audio card external it doesn’t works…dont arrives the signal.Obviously i select on the toolbar the audio card input.i tried to update the audio card on the pc but nothing.what can i do again ?

Do you have a laptop with a single mic/headphone combo jack? Regular headphones with work with that setup but it takes a special plug/adapter to make the microphone connection.

The microphone input on a soundcard or laptop should “work” but it’s not correct for a guitar. There are USB audio interfaces with high impedance guitar/instrument inputs.

I m using a 14s-fq0026nl Notebook no combo …normal PC with 2 USB gates …the sound card Is bheringer UM2.i connect Guitar to Bheringer and then to the PC…on the Aidacity toolbar the sound card appears and It Is All ready for playing but nothing…i tried to change Guitar and cable…i m Sorry if insist :slight_smile: but can It Be that Is there some option to select?

(1) Make sure your sound card is plugged in and ready to go before starting Audacity (or to Transport > Rescan Audio Devices). On the Device Toolbar, set your output device to your laptop’s speaker.

(2) If your guitar has magnetic pickups (e.g., solid body or semi-hollow body or humbuckers or hi-Z or high impedance) there may not be enough signal to make the UM2 happy. In this case you may need a different interface or a DI - Direct Input box.

I hope this helps. :smiley: