No Signal from DJM-900NXS2

I am finding it impossible to record through Audacity from my DJM-900NXS2. My Mac is picking up the signal and DJM-900 is showing up as an input in Audacity - there’s just no sound when I try to record! Can anybody help me?

The strange thing is this worked for a day when I first set it up, then stopped working and now I can’t seem to find any other cases of this problem online or a solution. Please help.

Perhaps you need to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices after you plug in your DJ Mixer.

If this does not correct the problem, it can be worthwhile to search on the Audacity Forum (upper right-hand corner) for DJM-900.

That did not work unfortunately. If anybody else can help it would be much appreciated. I already carried out a search and couldn’t find anything. Going to search again.

Interesting. When I did that search I found 42 matches… Just sayin’…

Yes and none of them solved my problem

OK. Well, I’ve always found that a good place to start. If I don’t find the solution, I can at least gain insight into the problem. :wink:

The other thing that comes to mind is to check that the sample rate in Core Audio and in Audacity (lower left-hand corner) agree. :smiley: