No shortcut (to launch software) after installation

Hi all,

I’ve gone to C drive, looked all over the place, I can’t find anything to launch the software with.

Atm I’m using it by installing the .exe file each time I use it. It’s very strange. It launches and works fine after I install it. And it’s nowhere in my pc. When I close it, there’s no way to launch it.

I followed suggestions like “look really carefully in C drive, also in x86 folders”. It really is nowhere in my pc.

Any suggestion is much appreciated gang

Where did you get the Audacity installer?
What is the exact name and size of the Audacity installer?
Did you check to sha256 of the Audacity installer? (see:

Right click the exe file and choose create shortcut. Drag or copy the shortcut to the desktop or anywhere you prefer it. Rename it if you wish. The conventional location for the shortcut in windows 10 is
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

You might find its already there though.

On reflection I might have misunderstood which exe file you are running. Do you mean that you re-install it each time? After install, assuming you are running a later version of windows 64bit, you should find the audacity folder in C:\program files(x86)\

There should be no need to do that if Audacity has been installed correctly using the “Audacity 2.2.2 installer” (